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Because a snake is NOT a dog. If you want a pet you can play with all the time, get a dor or cat. If you act with a snake the way you would with a cat, you're going to stress the heck out of it. If you start thinking your animals love you and miss you when you leave, you're going to treat it like a mammal that ENJOYS human companionship. All this leads to bad husbandry (ie: "well, my snake doesn't bite when his tank is kept at 70F, so he must like that better" >> obviously none of us here will think so).

Cause I can garuntee they damn well probably like being in a cage far less then being touched.
Not if the cage meets reptile's needs. When they are out of the cage, they are "vulnerable" to predators (be they the handler, birds coming from above, etc). They can't thermoregulate. When they are being handled and touched they need to worry about, worry "is this big animal going to eat me?".

Not only own them but breed genetic traits that would be a death sentence in the wild.
Yup, good point. Just look at the CB burms that die in their first half decade because they are so weak genetically. But these animals ARENT in the wild, so it will not harm them to look different (unless the trait itself is detrimental). Keeping them in captivity (usually) guarantees the animal a better, longer life. A reliable source of food, heat, water, no predators, etc. But you're right, perhaps we shouldn't be keeping them in the captivity. [That would be easier if their habitat wasn't being destroyed, of course.]

I guess it's just depressing to me to tell myself all the time, "Huxley merely TOLERATES me being around, that's all."
I see the angle you're coming from, and I know you take good care of your herps (that's obvious). But if you get depressed by the fact that your snake doesn't like you anymore than it likes a warm rock, then herps probably aren't for you.


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