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With all do respect, I for one do not believe you are even ready to run a reptile rescue. I mean, and please do not take this offensively, you only have a ball python, and I believe that is your only reptile, personally I think you should get some experience with other species before considering this. On the same note, I believe you said your in secondary school now (maybe I am thinking of the wrong person), that costs enough on its own, the added expense of running a reptile rescue, PROPERLY that is, is just out of the question. Note that rescue hints something, that there is something wrong with the animal. This means vet costs. Vet costs get extremely expensive, I wont even mention medication...Ah yes, looking down I see that your in college. Again, I am sure, on top of everything else, that you do not have the time to dedicate yourself to a rescue. Again, rescue means your safing the animal from something and therefore require more attention. Between school, and working for the money to run a rescue, it is just not possible.
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