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And if you were small enough, they would consider you food. See, that's exactly what Jeff was talking about. Snakes do not 'like the heat of a human body'. They like heat. Be it from a rock, warm wood or another animal. They could care less about us, that's why they are different from a dog, or a cat, or a fuzzy little hampster. This is why, among other reasons, that owning snakes presents its own unique way of handling the situation. Most people buy a pet that will 'love us unconditionally'; hamsters that will cuddle into your hands, a dog that will lick your face when you get home from work or a cat that purrs when you pet it. These pets, (I have a few of them) are around for companionship. They are around to make us feel better after work or to cheer us up. Snakes do not serve that purpose because they don't care if we are around or not. And it seems pretty egoistic that we think that they are.
Charlie; I just read your post and you nailed it Boss. Dead on, and in way less words than I needed to use. It's all about the ego. Everyone needs their snakes to need us, an want to be around us. Not the case, if fact, the exact opposite.

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