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Lately there have been a few posts about avoiding anthropomorphism (giving animals human qualities) and how giving your snake any kind of human quality is a bad thing. I'm just wondering why this is.
Because then you begin to think of the snake as an extension of yourself and not the being that it is. Its totally bad and aside from wild caught animals, is the worst part of the hobby. Of course its bad. When you start to do that, you start to think that your snake is doing things for reasons that are NOT the true reason. This can then lead to BAD/WRONG husbandry. And it normally does.

They don't love you. They are conditioned to have responses or not have responses to certain things you may or may not do. That is it. The faster that people realize this, the better off most captive snakes will be. They don't enjoy your company. They have no concept of what "company" even is. I can't believe that people think they do, in this day and age.
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