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Man alot can happen when you are at mall.

ya my spelling is off from time to time I dont plan on wrighting a book any time soon so I will just keep posting they way I am althow I will be over viewing my post just to get somme of the bugs out I can speak fluantly in both languges but I truly suck in grammar in both languages.

I say because i have spent more time in a cage (Figure of speach) then you have and I have observed these animals on my lunch breaks. how many of you can say they sat in 8 X 4 X 4 cage with a 14 Foot green Anaconda reading a book about herps. And were comfertable!! $H!T how many of you can say you are comfertable being around a 14 foot green Anaconda. Well I have!! Why because I love spending time with them looking at them seeing there behaviore it is just mesmorising if you just leave them alone why take an animal out of there home when you can share space with them on there terms why have them out in a house Enviorment of sometimes below70*F when you can read a book with them onder there terms 80*-85*F(not a recomended thing i see my mistake today.)
Zoe as you can see in brakets there I do not recomed doing this and that I see my mistake.

any way I think my point is well put.
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