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What's so bad about anthropomorphism?

Lately there have been a few posts about avoiding anthropomorphism (giving animals human qualities) and how giving your snake any kind of human quality is a bad thing. I'm just wondering why this is. I know that I personally love to think of Huxley in human terms; I feel very motherly towards him...I like to think of him as wanting to come out of his tank or as liking me more than other people.

I'm not saying that we shouldn't correct newbies if they say that their snake likes to be handled, enjoys being in public, etc...

What is the danger of this kind of attitude if you are internally aware that it isn't true, and you give your snake the proper environment and don't stress it out with over-handling? I think part of the joy of having a pet is knowing that it needs your care, and thinking (even if it's not accurate) that your pet likes you. I guess it's just depressing to me to tell myself all the time, "Huxley merely TOLERATES me being around, that's all."

Does that make me (and anyone else who feels the same) bad snake keepers?
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