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Insult or retort. It doesn't really make a difference I guess insulting somebody because they insulted you is not right, i concede that. However some people are fat, lazy, ignorant and prejudice. That is not an insult it's a fact. Descriminating and downing someone for a lifestyle (that isn't harmful to others) is the same as discriminating someone for race or sex. When people begin to critize body builders for what they do and down a fitness oriented life style it really bothers me. Honestly I take it rather personally. I guess I shouldn't down them for being fat or anything like that. If I insulted anyone then accept my apologies and please try to see what we do as body builders is what we love not some physical compensation for anything were lacking. Comments like that just make people who say them look like a jack ***. So Jeff, Mykee and anyone else that thinks I have offended them in some way please take what I say in context their is no personal attacks here, I am above that. No need to let debates turn into fights. That's the kinda crap that starts wars. Peace. By the way I wonder what roids would do to an anaconda???
"Only through education do we teach the ignorant that which we love is not evil but wonderous"....

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