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It was a typo, what I wanted to say was I had 18 inch before and since I stopped working out at a gym and only workout at home and move things aroung, I went up to 19 inch. As for Mykee, well from all the posts I read from you, you seem like the kid who wants to proove something, which I couln't care less. You always have to put a word somewhere, and quite honestly, after your 1st post, the others weren't necessary.

And I do not see what is bad about wanting to be fit. I personally prefer to see my abs than see myself with a belly. And it's true, you get less picked on when you aren't fat. And someone who trains a lot doesn't mean he doesn't care about the rest of the world. I would be the 1st in line to help someone out.

I use to be fat, I use to be fit, and at the moment, I am in betwen. And I prefeted to be fit. So to each his ideal self and don't pick on the others for their ideal selves.

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