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Hey Lilly, I know a few people who have tried it. It quickly turns away from what you want. Unless you set guidelines for what you will take in, you will quickly be over run with Burmese Pythons and Green Iguanas. There is really nothing you can do with them. There is usually someone wanting the burms, but it would require shipping that is just to expensive on a heavy snake. Most people can buy one local for less then they could have an adopted snake shipped. And as for the iguanas, there isnít really anything you can do with them at all. Well, except maybe place them with an anaconda or cottonmouth owner and then you havenít really rescued them. =) I appreciate how you feel and your intentions, but unless you are independently wealthy, rescues are almost impossible to pull off. But for reference, I have a 4í cottonmouth. I will be glad to adopt all the lizards you bring in. ha ha.
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