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i did do my reasearch but no one said anything about hides not evening the sites
That's rather peculiar. Every site I read before I got my first leo had much to say about hideboxes. So did the site I pointed out to you.

You can keep 1-2 leo's in a 10 gal tank, (male-female, NEVER keep 2 males together) and 3 in a 20 gal long tank.
Personally I'd say a 10 gallon is too small for more than leo. Even a 15 would be a better choice for one. The fact is they can squabble over hides, and a 10 just wouldn't have the room for 4 hides and two leos, especially healthy full grown adults. Just my opinion though.

Use common sence when getting your new leo. Don't buy from a pet store. I'm not saying all pet stores are bad to buy pets from, But you always hear horror stories about pet stores. So find a good reputable breeder (I'm sure there are more than a few good breeders here on
Yes, you always hear horror stories about pet stores, but there are also some really good ones out there. They just don't get enough publicity because people tend to talk about bad experiences more than good ones. Besides which, a lot of stores actually have herps from people in the area who bred them and take them in to exchange for credit for supplies or other animals etc. Asking where a specific animal came from is a good idea.
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