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Good post Marc... I do agree with you, that a lot of people buy herps for the wrong reasons. However,

if all you have to complain about is my gramar then I am on the right road.
I think the point is that your spelling and punctuation are truly awful. I realize that not everyone is a university professor, but a lot of your mistakes are typos and missing punctuation that make your posts really difficult to read. I think if you just read over your posts before submitting them, and made your posts more ledgible, I'm sure everyone would back off with the whole grammar thing.

how many of you can say they sat in 8 X 4 X 4 cage with a 14 Foot green Anaconda reading a book about herps.
I think you're a pretty smart guy and know your herps (which is why I don't understand someone questionning your intentions to open a zoo, but anyway) so it surprised me to see you write that. First, you talk about how humans stress herps... you think that conda was comfortable with YOU in ITS cage? Isn't that just asking for trouble? Sure, the conda might seem tame, but if it get's hungry or aggressive there isn't much you can do about it at that point. And honestly, you SHOULDNT be comfortable in the presence of anything that can kill you. If you're comfortable, it means you are no longer as careful as you should be; you take liberties you probably shouldn't take. You obviously shouldn't be nervous, but I wouldn't allow myself to get too comfortable in the presence of a 14 foot conda.

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