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You can use practically anything for hides. I use some black platic boxes and make an entrance hole in it.
On your warm side, put the hidebox with some moisture in it (I use a wet scott towel). This will help them shed. The hide on the colder side doesn't have a humid substrat in it.

I have many tanks and I use heat pads for them. Heat tape is expensive and won't give off as much heat as a heat pad (won't cover a better surface). You put your light on the same side as your head pad. The light is usually for you to see the gecko better since the heatpad will already give off enough heat for your gecko.

Go to a dollar store or a k-mart, you can find many plastic boxes to use as hiding places as well as water bowls. This will be fine for your 35$ buget, If you buy your hides from a pet store, it will cost you double or more.
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