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Originally posted by Sunrunner

I am also a nationaly certified trainer (NFSS and CPTN) who did you get your cert from? Also protien, glutamine and creatine are natural substances and thus wouldn't affect your status as a natural body builder.

P.S: I wasn't dissing you or nothing I was just curious how tall you were. If you don't mind me asking what is you B.F %? Right now totally clean for over a year I am 6' 225 lbs at 10 % B.F. My pipes are 19". I use natural legal supplements but not any juice or prohormones. Do you work as a trainer presently?
Didnt think you were insulting me or anything. Right now my BF is high for me its 13%. 2 years ago I was 190 an 8%. I love the strenght that comes along with weighing so much, but I dont like carrying around the weight. I would like to get back to 200 lbs and 10% BF.

I know all those substances technically fall into the natural category, and I have nothing against them (well protein supplements are BS and a waste of money, but thats just my opinion) I actually really like creatine, but I havent done it in over a year.

I am certified through AFPA, but I am not doing any PT now. I just didnt enjoy doing at much as I thought I would. Working in a gym really made me not want to do my own workouts.

Oh, and Mykee, I dont think his question about BF was out of line or stupid. And what does having a life, have to do with measuring your body fat? Some people work very hard to reach their goals in the gym. They want to know they are seeing results. A scale is useless. Who cares what you weight. If you are burning off fat, and putting on muscle you may actually gain weight. That may be discouraging to a lot of people, because they think it means they are getting fatter. But that couldnt be more wrong. So body fat % is a very good way of measuring progress.

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