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xxbad, do you have a dog? if not get one. I have a few of those they like to free roam, and dont hurt themselves.

I'll also add that Iguanas and WD are not calm. Its all an individual trait. Some are calmer then others.
I have owned both species, and to be honest i find WD's flighty, ESPEACIALLY in open spaces. You make a reference to your WD falling off furniture and being fine, that bothers me.. How do you know? Maybe the reason your WD is so calm is it has fractures you know nothing about?

Oh, and to add.. As cool as Iguanas are, if you claim they're all calm I have scars to prove to you that Igs are as unpredictable as reptiles can get! ever have a big 6 footer sink its teeth into your arm? or rake its claws on you while you're chasing it? Letting either species free-roam is looking for trouble. period.

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