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FYI I was a curator for a reptile only zoo where do you think the Idea came from and if all you have to complain about is my gramar then I am on the right road. I just care for that animals and make sure they have everything they need I will be letting my secratarie take care of the fancy paper work. You need to stop asuming I am a moron. I worked 75 hours a week in a reptile zoo to insure all the animals are well cared for and monitored there health and interviend when I needed to I just hate working for other ppl and as far as how far I am into my plans that realy isent any of your buissnes.

I handel animals all the time every day I have somthing in my hands I just dont watch TV with them or play computer games with them on my shoulders.

when I need to clean a cage I dont just shoo the animal to one side I remove it and clean and then I replace it like I said it is noe becaus I can't it is because I dont like stressing my animals more then I have to If I can get around and not touch the animals then all the better for the animals I do on ocasion take a few pic's with large animals to place in my scrap books. what I am refering to is the needles handeling most of the pic's I have are done the same time I remove the animal for a cage cleaning. do you get my drift.

The handeling I am refering to is form the teenie bopers that think it is cool to play playstation with there ball python around there neck.

do you get my point now.

I was just geting ready to turn 18 in this pic and you wana make me look like I am just some guy that is blowing smoke

I say because i have spent more time in a cage (Figure of speach) then you have and I have observed these animals on my lunch breaks.
how many of you can say they sat in 8 X 4 X 4 cage with a 14 Foot green Anaconda reading a book about herps. And were comfertable!! $H!T how many of you can say you are comfertable being around a 14 foot green Anaconda. Well I have!! Why because I love spending time with them looking at them seeing there behaviore it is just mesmorising if you just leave them alone why take an animal out of there home when you can share space with them on there terms why have them out in a house Enviorment of sometimes below70*F when you can read a book with them onder there terms 80*-85*F(not a recomended thing i see my mistake today.)

Here is a pic of me having fun with herps just like the next guy but this pic was taken on cleaning day so the animals had to be removed so I took the time for a few pic's.

baby Nile crocodile

Nile Monitor

Nile Monitor

Feeding Black Throught

Reticulated Python

African Rock Python

Not that is a snake I took ot just for a pic caus it was the only one I did not have in my books

Removing Green Anaconda

Removing Green Anaconda on ANOTHER cleaning day.

As you can see I still have fun with herps but I dont over do it with any un-nesesary handaling.

so will you plz stope treating me like a moron caus I am trying to get a real valid point acros althow it way seam wierd at least think about what I might be saying some times.

to some ppl here I might have had the job of your dreams but I want more then that.

and to others it may just be another day at the shop...LOL
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