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Sunrunner, lets sum up your "mature attitude" as you put:
"I have been very mature and reasonable in all my posts."
BTW, that's an EXACT quote from you. Let's continue, shall we?....
"I'm doubt;ing a few of you have any brains. Usually people who diss body builders and strength athletes ae lazy, fat ignorant people who find it easier to diss people who work out then actually get in shape themselves."
Wow, very mature, let's continue on....
"It seems that unfortunately some people don't have brains or brawn."
Yet another stellar comment from Mr. Maturity. I'm liking this, let's go on....
""Sissy Man" LOL"
Sounds like like "false bravado", if I've ever heard any..... More! More!
"Don't let some fat lazy pricks drag you down."
Wow, it just keeps getting better. Really mature and reasonable so far....
"Go home and insult yourselves in front of the mirror."
That one, I'll admit, I liked.
After all those comments from you , you had the unmitigated gall to say:
"So don't act like I am immature."
I should have been a lawyer.
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