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LMAO, would you like fries with the foot you just stuck in your mouth. THAT is hilarious!

If I had fish in a tank of course I would hold them, where's the enjoyment in just LOOKING at a fish? P.S. don't believe everything you read!

How far into the future do you plan on opening up this reptile zoo? You are gonna take some grammar courses so you can correctly spell the animals proper latin name aren't you? I'm not saying it can't be done, but do you know what it takes to run a zoo? I don't so that is why I am asking. If the animals get sick are you just gonna sit there and watch them die cause you belive that they shouldn't be touched, let nature take it's course? I have some respect for what you are trying to convey to others, but sometimes you say the weirdest things! HA no offense meant on anything I said. Good Luck with your reptile zoo and in the future I will ask a question before I assume an answer cause foot fries are nasty, i'd rather just have the taco or burger, toss the fries. Okay, I am finished for now...
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