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I agre with your opinion that tere is realy no black or white only shades of grey.

you hadel daily to insure the positive out come when ppl see them at your shows. I dont handel them becaus I want ppl to see that they are built killers and do what they need to do to live.

I dont like ppl seeing that they are docile because if you are going to get into this hobby be ready to meet the bigest and nastiest things on the face of this planet (figure of speach reptiles are not nasty)

cause even a ball or corn can be unpredictable I was talking to this guy at work he wanted to return his ball python becaus it snaped at him every time he walked buy like face it ppl it is a reptile they are not cute a cudely they just do there thing and if you dont like it leave them there.

I am the kind of person the will build a cage around what my animals need. If I have a rather unplesent animal I build a cage with a divider so I dont need to come in contact with the animal. It is not because I dont want to deal with it or dont know how I just feal that If I can avoid stress why not.

why dont we ppl stop trying to so called "TAME" our animals and just let them live there lives and just enjoy what they do best being beautiful in a well decorated cage.
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