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ya I am holding a herp in my avatar and FYI It was at a educational show just like the ones you seem to enjoy doing and bringing alligators and caimens to. I had to pay $5 for that pic and I wanted it just for the avatar. other than that I would have just looked at it and enjoyed its presence.

Ask any herp breeder the less you handel your animals the better off they are come breeding season and that is fact not just me blowing smoke up you @$$.

as much as it may hurt why can't you ppl just say I am right.
Handaling is not a thing that they neede to survive and herps do better with out it in some cases.

and if you are the kind of person that tells them self that there animal needs exersize so that is your excuse to taking them out every day then you should consider giving them a biger cage and if you feel that it is just not needed you should re-evaluat the reason why you have herps.

I am tierd of seeing ppl buying small herps (Ball Pythons, corn snakes, water dragons.......) just because they are COOLER then hamsters.

if you want somthing cute a cudely buy a hamster if you want to get a herp be ready to buy a nice size cage with lots of hids big water dishes some branches and all the proper heat and humidity requierments and once you have it all set you perfectly why would you bother them can't you see when a herp is realy content. But nooooo you need get the most comen herp and give it only what it needs to live and have it out every 2 days just to add the extra dose of stress.

I may sound like a ranting lunatic but this is how I feal about herps I hadel my herps every week (cleaning day) and they SEE me every day (frech water.)

I have nothig against taking nice pic's and stuff but I am addressing the ppl that watch TV with there herps or do there home work with them around there neck or are on the net with there herps. and so on and so on.
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