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Chondro, I agree with almost everything you said except for the handling part. That is not a hard and fast rule. Many reptiles enjoy handling. Most bearded dragons love to be petted. My BP will come to the front of the enclosure by the door when I enter my office. If I open the door she comes straight to my hand and climbs up...
Yup, that is anthropomorphism. To the snake, you are a warm branch, not a friend. In the wild, it is in a mammal's interest to be sociable (for wolves, elephants, rats, to keep from danger and such) and so is it in captivity (humans give treats and protect). In the wild, it is NOT an advantage for a reptile to socialize, for it would endanger it. Same thing as in captivity. It is possible that the snake is familiar with your scent and ways of movement, but not that your snake "likes" you better than other people or "misses" you when you leave.

my water dragon went outside for uvb but she had the time of her life.
my water dragon doesent have accsess to the outside.
I see... That makes sense.

And water dragons can fall from my furniture and be ok
Yup! And Humans can fall 15 stories and be fine, too!

how calm water dragons they are calmer than iggy's
And you know that because you've owned lots and lots of iguanas and water dragons, right? And anyway, a few posts back you said:
water dragons and iggy's are very calm
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