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When my family lived in Africa some crazy **** was "free roaming" in our house. Yeash! Now that was an accident waiting to happen! LOL But as far as WD falling I don't think that would be a major concern, WD are really excellent climbers, better then a kitten, and I don't think anyone locks a kitten in a cage (do they?) as far as the toxic/crushing dangers those are very real dangers but a little free roaming with supervision isn't a big problem in my opinion. And really what makes the risk of a free roaming 20 yr old iguana ingesting a toxic substance any less then a WD. I have two semi free roaming iggys (they are confined to my indoor zoo, hehe fancy reptile room name..) i have never had any probs with that, they get their UV and heat and are very healthy, mind u a WD is quite a bit smaller and thus can fit alot of places an old iggy couldn't so there IS more risk invovled. As for never handling your reptiles, well thats bunk. By the way chondro aren't you holding a herp in your avatar pic...and we don't hold fish because they can't breath or else we probably would. My reptiles are handled all the time and you would be hard pressed to find healthier herps any where. Not only do I handle them but the kids who come to my shows do too, a little temporary stress but never has it compromised their health or I would stop. Listen letting animals free roam is really an uneccessary risk, I know your heart is in the right place xxbad, my house is all jungle like too but why take chances. Let your little buddies out for a few hours, take some good pics, then put 'em back home. Enjoy and ensure their health and safety all at once. Cats are very untrustable too, I have had a problem with cats before. Very predatorial. I let my guys free roam all the time, supervised, generally they never leave a plant or window ledge but why take a chance, you wouldn't let your kid "free roam" down the street because they wouldn't know what to do. Herps are not in their element in house and thus probably pretty confused and in danger of hurting themselves. Just my thoughts, and by the way fries suck.
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