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First off.......go do some research before you buy any animal. And if you didn't know that you need 2 hides, 3 actually (one on warm, one on cool, and a humid hide kinda in the middle), then you didn't do your research.

You can keep 1-2 leo's in a 10 gal tank, (male-female, NEVER keep 2 males together) and 3 in a 20 gal long tank.

Warm Side-----85 degree's---90 degree's
Cool side-------75 degree's---80 degree's

Diet----Keep a varied diet......main diet----crickets with wax worms, and meal worms occasionaly. (I'm sure there are more worms than that you can feed them, but consult someone more knowledgeable before you feed them to your leo.)

Hatchlings food has to be dusted with vitamens and supplements every feeding. and adults food can be dusted every other feeding.

Use common sence when getting your new leo. Don't buy from a pet store. I'm not saying all pet stores are bad to buy pets from, But you always hear horror stories about pet stores. So find a good reputable breeder (I'm sure there are more than a few good breeders here on
Get a fecal done ASAP if you do get one from a pet store, and even if you get one from a breeder.....because you just never know.

I'm sure there are people here that has more info.....and alot of people here have good advice...
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