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Reptile Shows

As most of you know my husband and I do a travelling interactive reptile show, "JacobsJungle", this is definately not a new concept but a pretty uncommon one. Now our show once featured over 30 herps but the shows ended up taking way to long and so we have culled it done to what we feel are the 15 most well known/interesting/misunderstood species.

What I was wondering is what species you would want your children (or yourself) to see and learn about in a live hands on enviroment. Also what species you think would be inappropiate. Personally I don't think venomous herps should be used in such shows ( a subject me and another travelling reptile show have argued extensively over) but I'm curious to hear what others think.

P.S: Before anyone goes spouting off about shows being wrong and stressful to the animal remember these animals are recieving the best of care, were introduced to show settings slowly and at a young age. More importantly in my opinion there is no better way to educate a generally ignorant public than this. Which can be nothing but good for herps in the long run.
"Only through education do we teach the ignorant that which we love is not evil but wonderous"....

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