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Of course Jeff a person should have respect for people who do good works for others as a christian I am a firm believer but that isn't a reason not to have respect for the accomplishments and work of other pursuits. I believe your taking the topic totally out of context now, it never ceases to amaze me how things can so far off topic on this sight. If a severly overwieght person lost alot of extra pounds and got to a healthy wieght that is a thing to be respected, if an athlete trains his heart and soul out and wins an olympic gold that to is to be respected, if a man builds a business from sctratch through years of hard labour to a point where he is happy with it and successful that deserves respect to. You see respect can be earned through many avenues, unfortunately I think you have stereotyped bodybuilders in the cliche of vain naccisstic ego maniacs, which some are but so are many non-bodybuilders. As a snake owner and thus someone who has to deal with the prejudices associated to reptiles and the stereotypes such animals must suffer I would think you to be above that. Just my opinion. Now just to set matters in perspective for you current Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman and Seven time Mr.Olympia Arnold Schwarznegger both men who were "concerned with how cut up they were" are both outstanding humanitarians who give in abudance both time and money to people that need it. I'm sure you are worried about the quality of your breeding projects just as a body builder is concerned with the quality of their body, there is nothing vain or wrong about that. I have respect for you, you have obviously gone through alot of work to build your business and produce outstanding animals, there no reason why you shouldn't respect someone who has put as much dedication and effort into their body, now is there. I can't change yours or any other person opinion about the body building lifestyle but hopefully by opening you up to what lies beyond the stereotypes you'll change your opinion on your own, if not, no loss to any of us. By the way Stkkts at 216 with 18" pipes, how tall r you? And i think the guy who quated 28"s was a typo.
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