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Good points Dave you should join the rest of us "juice monkeys" on but the real point in this thread was solid snakes bicepdevelopment. You did a great job man and don't let anybody get you down or insult what your doing you want to work out and build a good body then do it don't let some fat lazy pricks drag you down alot of people appreciate a good body and by the sounds of your progress you may quite gentically gifted so go with it and make the best body you can and you'll be happier and healthier for it. I garuntee. Like i said you need any help with any aspect of training contact me. Congrats. By the way you must be awful small framed to have started with 7" arms. when I started training mine were 17". Thats probably why they had such dramtic growth...maybe you were very underwieght, plus are you using creatine if so your bi's are probably pumped with water and that would account for alot the huge size. Did the rest of your physique grow that dramtically?
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