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Nope, no real rages. Test is a funny thing. It does work, for everyone, every time, bar none, period (to dispel any myths, testostrone in ethier male or female will definatly produce effects given a few things.... )


Got it within two days of first admisteration. Test cypyonate 200mg/ml, 1 ml every 3 days for 30 days. Goldline. Reasonable dosage. A doctor would give this to almost anyone pre-86, the Ben Johnson affair. And the doctor would prescribe it for 3 months not 30 days. Test gave a real feeling of euphoria. A heightend sence of awareness, happiness, sadness. An enhancement or amplification if you will. This includes aggression.


Got that a bit. You need to remember that if something bothers you now then on the sauce it will amplify it. If you lack self control then rages happen. Timid people become more outgoing, shy people start dating more. Again reasonable doseage. I know guys (early 20's) that enjoyed going out to bars to intimidate people. Idiots. They also take approx 1200-1500mg/week of various products (including oxymetholone and test suspension, which I have tried and it elevated my blood pressure (bp) up to 160 over 110 which is pretty high relaxed. Only the suspension not the Anadrol)

Few others like huge temporary sex drive, depression after discontinuation until the body's natural hormonal axis gets back on line and reverse anorexia which is common. I suffer from it as well even to this day and will for the rest of my life.

In short my health was great before, during and after my short experiences. First cylce (200mg/ml test cyp every 3 days for 30 days) gave me 30lbs in the 30 days. From 161lbs at 5'11" to 191lbs. Arms from 12.5" to 16". You must remember the MOST IMPORTANT FACTORS to weight and mustle gains.


I ate 10,000 calories PER DAY. I am exomorphic (thin frame, bones and frame) therefore could never gain weight no matter how much I ate. Six full supper style plates of food per day plus three or four BIG shakes. Gotta eat. Included alot of McD's as well but that's only because of the quick metabolism. Wouldn't recommend it. Same with alcohol. Keep it in moderation


Watch a body builder work out. At the end of the set he's almost puking with exhaustion. There is only so hard you can work out. Unfortuneately that's the way I must always workout, when you do the juice you will train that way and it is almost impossible to stop even if your clean. If your clean you WILL overtrain NO MATTER how much you eat, sleep or have some guy jump up and down telling you, you can. They are LIEING or IGNORANT. Then you will quit the gym and lifting. I did many times and haven't been there in two or three years now. But I did keep ALOT of strength. Can still deadlift 315lbs for a few at any given time. Whatever you are genetically gifted at you will gain INCREADIBLE strength and size. Whatever you are genetically weak at will do the same thing just not to the same degree. It is dramatic, I have excellent genetics for my back and shoulders. I just look at a bottle of juice and my shoulders grow a bigger cap and my back starts getting wider. After you discontinue your genetically gifted mustles will retain ALOT of their stenght for YEARS to come whether you train or not. Whatever you are genetically weak in will lose all that size and strength (well most of the strength) and it is DRAMATIC!!!!

Enought typing for now, agian no ms word so forgive sp mistakes.

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