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You would be suprised at how many people use roids not all of them go to the extreme. Nearly every sports player uses roids of one type or another but more then that studies show nearly ten times as many normal trainers then athletes use the juice. I have respect for any that puts in the thousands of hours of work it takes to build a body like that not to mention the strenous diets they go through. There is a alot of people who don't deserve respect roid user or not. I have no respect for people who insult life styles different then their own or people who complain about being fat then stop at the next McDonalds. As for the guy who couldn't wipe his *** well he should have incorperated a stretching program into his training like the rest of us "roid monkeys". Roids make you grow faster and thus your larger muscles tighten restricting flexability the proverbial "muscle bound" easily negated by daily stretching. "Roid Monkey" by the way is pretty insulting considering two guys who are probably better men then you have confessed to using roids on this board already and your calling them monkeys. It seems that unfortunately some people don't have brains or brawn. Many, many chemical using athletes are good hard working people with families and hobbies like anyone else. It's not like you take juice and bam your's work and dedication and diet and genetics. You don't got it in the genes roids can't give it to you. Anyway I don't want to get into this on a reptile board you got negative crap to say about body builders then say it on or keep it to yourself. No one wants to be insulted and no one wants be called a monkey. "Sissy Man" LOL
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