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Here's an interesting tidbit. One of my buddies used to have such big pipes that he could no longer wipe his own @ss (& yes he was on the juice to get that big). He used to have to shower everytime after using the washroom because of it. After he got off the juice things went back to normal, but there was a few months where he couldn't do it by himself without showering. I think that some people obviously get too carried away when it comes to the Roids. Another buddy of mine used to bench 450lb when he was on the crap & now 10 years later the guy can barely help ya lift a heavy couch without whining about it. People wonder why I have no respect for Roid Monkeys LOL Mark

P.S. oh I forgot to mention all the time buddy got/did for assaults as a direct result of too much testostrone (sp) in his system & not being able to control those "pipes". Push becomes shove quick when you are all juiced up. Ah strikers & bouncers, gotta love em, not!
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