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Brains vs brawn eh? Well I would hardly consider Mike the representive of brawn but of course brains are more important and after reading these posts I'm doubt;ing a few of you have any brains. Usually people who diss body builders and strength athletes ae lazy, fat ignorant people who find it easier to diss people who work out then actually get in shape is they who are compensating for something. All of a sudden every in shape person on earth is using juice and vain. Beliave me there are just as many people as vain about their intellect as there are those vain about their bodies. Bodybuilding is a sport and in my opinion the most demanding/unrewarding sport there is. As for those who think bodybuilders work out toimpress others...get your head on straight...most people don't even like muscular people and every body builder knows it. Your views are rather ignorant. As an excercise professional I say this actually knowing what I'm talking about this is debate I have had with many people, for those of you training and loving it please write me and I can help you out with your program for those of you who think training is an ego thing...throw away your make-up and nice clothes....or are those "just for you"...thats what I thought...shut-up. By the way good point on the juice Piebald Guy although it's a little more complicated then how you made it sound but I know u know that. Anybody need help with training or got questions on juice you can write me. Training is good for you mentally and physically and the rare people who have the body and brains, well the have the best package. Don't diss just because you don't got it. That's not vainity it's envy.
"Only through education do we teach the ignorant that which we love is not evil but wonderous"....

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