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You do what you do in life for yourself first. If you bodybuild for others you will quit. If you bodybuild to "attract" someone else you deserve what you get. Trust me there's a 99% chance of that.

Steroids are not dangerous contary to popular misconceptions. Everything in moderation. Testostorone (certain esters) are safe and will actually improve your health for the first 12 weeks or so then it flip flops. Side effects (both negative and positive) are determined purely on three aspects.....

Chemical used (what is the steroid ie: test proprionate is VERY safe yet oxymetholone is EXTREMELY unsafe long term. By the way, both are derived from test).

Doseage used (how much you take of it. Only so much test (or any other substance) can be absorbed by the body from the blood stream. The extenuous amounts are just urinated out)

Duration used (how long you take them. The pituitary gland realizes and starts to shut down natural test production about 21 days after you start taking say test which is the most popular and cheapest steroid out there (and effective too)

To sum up in layman's terms. Steroids are like alcohol. You can buy Labbat 0.5% at the grocery store, drink two cases of it and get behind the wheel without problem. Or you can buy Bicardi 151 proof rum (75.5%alcohol by volume) drink four ounces and be BOMBED. Same deal with juice you can buy oxandrolone (Anavar) and stay on it year round without many negative side effects while you can take oxymethonlone (Anadrol) one tablet a day for 21 days and gain 21lbs. I have seen it along with the increadible strength gains. I have also known a 29 year old man that now has bloody leasions in his liver and is garenteed to develop liver cancer within the next few years.

This is a huge topic which took me years to learn. But before I EVER stuck a needle in my bum I found out what I was doing and did it the right way (full blood tests along the way). You should be educated on the topic BEFORE you start. There are too many fools out there like the 29 year old I know that don't have a clue what they are doing to themselves. The only thing they know is I stick myself and I get big and strong. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID

Check my previous posts about car audio. In that situation you just get called a fool and idiot for being ignorant and acting upon what little information be it true or untrue you have. With steroids you ruin your heath and suffer if you act upon ignorant views. I'm not saying you need a master's in chemistry but you should know biochemically what is going on in addition to much more information which is important if you value your body.

When you educate yourself on the topic you find out things which help you such as anabolic steroids only work anabolically for 14 days in the body after that they work anti-catabolically.

Enough typing. Email me if you want more information.


Sorry about the spelling mistakes. Lost word on my computer. Stinkin bug.
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