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Post SFE Thread!!

Well after tonight it gave me a idea for a thread.

The best way to teach newbies is to share our experiences in depth the good as well as the bad.

this involves SFE (stupid feeding error.)

I would like detailed replies on what bit you what was the pain or damage factor on a scale of 1-10 pain being you got biten damage meaning another animal was involved and what was the actual error that was comited by you to lead the the SFE.

I will start with my 2 worst encounters.

1) It has be a whille for mr but my male Dwarf Retic got the best of me I was feeding with my fingers like I allwase do and this time they found my hand. They can give a nice kiss when the miss there food.

Pain factor==> 5
Reason: Feedign with my fihgers instead of forcepts

1) Anothere time in the past I prepared all the rats in one room and desided to go empty out the water dishes B4 feeding to minimise water spiling well I did not wash my hands and the 8 foot burm kissed my haned and coiled around my arm and also around his head making he bite even more painfull.

Pain Factor==> 8 it hurt like MAD but was not a case for the ER.
Reason: Did not remove water dishes B4 preparing food and did not wash hands thuroly B4 going to get water dish.

Marc Doiron
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