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I am gona be nice to you but I am realy upset with you.

I have bad spelling so bare with me.

free roaming= accidents and BY-LAWS.

if you knew so much about water dragons you would know that they need to have there heat and humidaty all the time and need to have there basking spots at any given time of the day.
Now having fake plants and nice places to hide is a verry nice home decore. BUT the avreg home is around 72* F totaly not enugh for a water dragon maby at night but not all day (meaning the 4 day perioud) now you can try and feed me the crap about you had the hole hous heated for the 4 day perioud buy I and most ppl here will just not belive you.

reptiles are display animals in no way do they LIKE being in our hands we just like to think so it should have a cage with all the apropriat requierments and dont handeld unles you are cleaning the cage our for some ocasional exercize every coupl of weeks.

I took my retic out for 5 min do you wana know where he went first right under the fridge and we are talking a 8 foot snake well I told my self he will come out on his own so I wated 1 hour nope dident move a inch so I started to move the fridge and what do you know the proces of moving the fringe cut him not deep but it was a long gash along his back now it is gone but you can still see where it hapend cause the scales did not get there colours back yet so all you see is one big black line. it only takes a second B4 things go realy wrong.

A good portion of snakes are climers and they break ribs all the time a tumble from to high up and to a rock in there enclosure and the damage is done and that is just a few feet high emagin a fall from a computer desk or somthing.

And as far as answering ppl questions I would keep your day job if you have on be cause I will tell you right now. Half the S#!T you know about water dragons is just that..*****.

you may think you are knowlegeble but you realy know just a frection of what the herpacultur is. That portion being what a WD looks like. I good quote I see aften on these forums "never try to list you knowlege cause you will soon realise you know verry littel."

I have ben doing this hobby for going on 8 years ask some of my friends here and they will tell you I know alot of use full stuff but I am telling you that I know nothimg compared to some ppl here.

if you think having knowlege telling a bunch of newbies what to do with there WD (enclosures, lights, a few feeding tips,) well you have a long road a head of you.

Just to name a few ppl here that are knowlegeble

Steeve B, Jeff favelle, Chris Marshell, V.hb..... just to name a few
and the funy thing is you ask them what they know and they will say "I know a few things but realy not much just enught to get by" and these ppl make me look like a newbie.

read more and never stop studing about your animal amd plz keep it in a cage.

look at reptiles with you eyes not your hands.
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