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I've been through it all, and I've done it all when it comes to training. Take that as you will, but I definitely see a correlation between age and fitness goals. When I was a 16 year old who weighed 153 lbs. had a decent physique, but wanted to be 'noticed' I hit the gym. I trained 5 days a week, did what I needed to do to become huge. Vanity. I went from 153 to 265 in 4 years. Vanity. Being looked at by the girls and admired by the guys anywhere I went was a great ego-booster. I was benching 335 for reps. My muscles had their own muscles. Why did I want to work out? The answer was simple. Girlies like muscles, it felt good to be in shape, but teh real reason was skirt. And their wasn't a nightclub that I went to that I didn't wear a skin-tight top or NO top to show it all off. It was fun. I had fun, I hope they had fun. You know what? As the years went by, the gym took a backseat to a life. A wife, kids, a house, a good job. Now, at 28, if I hit the gym, it's to be able to stave off a heart attack. Gone is the six-pack, replaced with a whole 2-4. I don't go to the gym for vanity anymore, if I go, it's not to bench 335. It's for personal health. Gaining weight isn't the problem like it was when I was 16, it's keeping it off that's the pisser now. Attitudes change, and for whatever reason you decide to begin an excercise regimen, be it Pilates, Powerlifting, weight training, circuit training, cardio, Tai che for that matter; do it for yourself. There's no better reason.
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