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I got into pumping iron way back in the middle of the 80's cause I wanted to play football and was too small(hey Jeff 5.0 40 at 15 years old so there) over the next ten or so years I got into power lifting and gained 100 pounds or so At my largest(dont ask me what protien shakes I drank) I weighed 260 lb or so and I stand 5'8" at that time my arms were about 21 inches or so it was not about size it was about power. In 99 I was in the best shape I had ever been in 235-240 lbs with low body fat (had a four pack and a half) I had my neck fractured in a car crash and had to stop training. I still go 225 and have kept a lot of strength from those power days, but now my joints are sore a lot. So watch out how much you lift and protect your joints and most imporant keep your hair.

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