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Ryan and Sheila made a lot of good points. I would also like to add my sort of "guideline" I use that I have found works well

*Introduce the animal by name
*Have them guess what it is
*Tell them what it is (if they are right, if they arent correct them)
*Ask if they think it is full grown or not
*Ask where they think he comes from, environment and location
*What he might eat
*Cover things like lifespan, husbandry, captive requirements, safety when handling them, give reasons for everything
*Go into status in the wild and some of its habits in the wild and how it varies from that in captivity
*Question and asnwer period at the end of each animal

Main parts are just to keep the audience involved and not just you talking to them, have them ask questions at the end and always elaborate and go into detail about all points that you can. Express the amount of responsibility these animals are as well. Hope this helped a little Good luck with your presentation
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