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There actually aren't too many people that make good money from muscles, personal trainers and pro wrestlers are the exception. Let's face it, people don't bulk up to make money, besides how big are Bill Gates biceps? If you can make money from being big I can respect that, it's the ego stroking that I laugh at. What is the average juice monkey trying to convince the rest of the world to think of him? That he's a tough guy? That's just funny. To start with tough guys are a dime a dozen and being big and tough alone will get you nowhere in life except maybe jail. Besides, it's not muscles that make someone dangerous with their hands, it's technique and aggression. I'd put money on 5'2" Jet Li against any no-neck havin, juice pumpin, heart attack case any day. Like I said before, you keep the big biceps, I'll keep the big pipe! LOL!
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