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If you want to keep your animal crisp, why not? I have taken more python bites then I can count and I am none the worse for it. This animalís predatory nature longs for this type of interaction. There is such a difference in a wild caught adult Burmese pythons and one that was CB and raised. The CB have no spirit, no heart. They just lie around and wait to have a dead rabbit tossed to them. I canít attest to how responsible this owner is, but keeping his snakeís instincts intact defiantly does not make him irresponsible.
i would have to agree with you on that but chances are it is a CB burm and he is probly doing more bad then good if he really is playing "tug of war" i can undersatand simulateing a preays reaction, but that dosent mean its a good idea to litterly grab one side of a rabbit and pull as hard as you can. T.O-SK8TER do u have any more info on the snake and what exacly he is doing?
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