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Yeah, some classified ads are a pain in the nuts. When people look at these ads they are looking for a good person-to-person deal on a herp. If, to start with, the price isn't listed then the ad is essentially useless. So you have a neonate corn or a 15' retic, who cares if I don't know how much you want for it?? Give me some indication of whether I'm going to get a deal or if you're out to lunch. This is also why location is so important to include, shipping greatly effects the total cost of the animal in question. If you want to sell your animal then tell me what it is, how much you want and where you are. These "I have a snake, make me a serious offer" people won't sell a thing. Here's an offer, give me the snake and I'll teach you how to write an ad. A picture would be nice too but without the basic info you might as well tack up signs all over town saying "snake for sale" without leaving even your phone number. Maybe there should be a poll asking how many people have ever bought anything in response to an ad that doesnt tell you price or location. I suspect the number is very close to zero. Sorry for the rant but when you have a slow internet connection the ads that are a waste of time start to get to you.
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