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"I used to work out years ago. Until I realized that there was more to life than muscle shirts and grunting with other guys..."

there's more to life than working out for THAT reason! I'll agree with that...but since I started working out my cardio has improved, my energy has improved, I'm less stressed, I sleep better, I work harder(cause I have more strength and energy).
Its all around a positive thing to do for oneself and thats a super reason!

"When I see a guy who looks like he spends his life in a gym I wonder what he's trying to compensate for."

Maybe some do it cause they were twigs and picked on as kids...but I think it has a snow ball affect...the better you feel and look the more you want to improve....there's nothing wrong with having a good self-image. It takes a lot of discipline to stick to a can't dog someone for that.

"I mean, how down on yourself do you have to be to want to walk around looking like someone jammed an air hose up your *ss?"

I agree with does go straight into some peoples heads and they just want to look big, mean and tough....what makes me laugh is the guys that walk with their arms out and chest all puffed up like a proud peacock but the muscles aren't there to support the stance!LOL
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