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Andrea: Yes we did buy the Childerns from David....feed them last night and wow were they ever fast at taking the food! I was so happy and proud The chameleon was the big boy that....the name is escaping me right now but I will find it in a bit, he had a lot of spiders and other arachnids, ear tunnels.....I will have to find the name now or I will go crazy!!!!!!
And yes, I know I FINALLY said hi to Erin and Ken I was very nice to finally meet you too
I will post some pics very soon, once I actually get some spare time.
But I did come up with a name for the little childerns, it is: Keilana, it means adored one. Pretty huh!
Talkie Talkie......No More Talkie!

Of course I'm out of my mind....Its dark and scary in there!
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