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The TARAS show

Well, the show rocked.

Lack of sleep / hangovers did seem to be the theme, and I think I lead the group in that area.

We had many late nights the week before (building the croc monitor cages), and the plan was to get to bed early Friday night after we unloaded the trailer. Well, we ended up “socializing” with Invictus and the Dragon (2 very nice people I might add) until 4:00 am.

I wanted to kill the alarm clock, which rang at 6:00.

Seeing Rick Van Veen show up on Saturday was great (he was here for the rattlesnake count). The 3 of us got the tour of Perry (Insectopia’s) house / workshop / museum. He joined us for Tammy’s birthday celebration and had a really good time.

I never liked Karaoke before that night. Invictus is very talented! Really, he did Ozzy better than the dark man himself. He did a powerful rendition of dragula that actually drowned out the background music. Tim, Tammy, Dora (Insectopia), The Dragon, all surprised me with their ability to sing. My favorite, now as I look back on it, was White Rabbit done by Dragon.

Thanks goes out to Invictus, The Dragon, and Tiny Tim (Het for Human) for all of the help on the weekend,
The TARAS Exec (especially Annette, Tim and Tammy) for the support and help to put on our best Calgary show to date, Nathan Curtis for understanding how much we wanted the big Tiger, and helping make that happen,
Angus for bringing us some of our favorite kind of snakes, Gary Dawson for lending us some last minute supplies.
Tim B. for reminding me of myself, Wuntu Menny for great conversation, Walter and Family for helping to get us on the road in good time and G.A. Christian Bilou for doing really great work of a last minute document I asked him to do.

I’ve got few pictures from the weekend, but I do have some of Invictus doing dragula – he got more applause after that song, than everyone else’s applause combined – really powerful. I will delete some pictures from our account so I can put a few of these up.

I too, was quite leery and sceptical about this new facility before the show.

I was quite impressed by the turnout. It got real busy Saturday, was slow Sunday morning, but was overflowing with waves of people by Sunday afternoon. I can only wonder how many people would have came on the 3rd day, if there was one (hint hint).

The TARAS execs who pulled this off as they did, really deserve a pat on the back. I hope they stay on the board for a long time. Hey wait, TARAS has never had a president from Saskatchewan before….

Ryan and Sheila
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