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here is a bit of the 2 part guitar harmony in Master before the full ripping hammett solo hope you like

Em D
2 lead gtrs
e |-----19/22--19--------|20---17-------------------20---17--------|
B |-20---------20---20---|22---19---19---19-19-19---22---19---19---|
G |-21--------------21---|----------19---19-19-19-------------19---|
D |----------------------|-----------------------------------------|
A |----------------------|-----------------------------------------|
E |----------------------|-----------------------------------------|

Cadd9 Amsus2

e |19---15-------------------19---15--------|17---15h17p15-14--------|
B |20---17---17---17-17-17---20---17---17---|19---17h19p17-16---17---|
G |----------17---17-17-17-------------17---|-------------------17---|
D |-----------------------------------------|------------------------|
A |-----------------------------------------|------------------------|
E |-----------------------------------------|------------------------|

B7 B7/D# RhyFig2a

e |----------14--------|14---16---17---19----|
B |16---17--------17---|16---17---19---20----|
G |16---17--/19---17---|---------------------|
D |--------------------|---------------------|
A |--------------------|---------------------|
E |--------------------|---------------------|
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