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Ok here is the fingering most used by the majority of players.The first chord is fingered index on the 5 fret of the E string(A note) ring finger on the 7 fret of the a string(E note) Pinky finger on the 7 fret of the D string(A note) this gives you an A5 power chord in the 5th position. Slide all your fingers down to the third position(down in tonality) this gives you a G5 power chord.The last chord is an E5 power chord and is best played by fretting the A string and the D string with your index finger while letting the E string ring open (E5 power chord).The sound you hear on the recording can be created with many different set ups in equipment( extra cost) Get the tune happening first worry about the sound second. the best sound in the world wont make you sound good if you don't play well. I see you have 3 chords above I have as of yet sat down to play this song but I think there are 2 more chords in it ( you figure them out) not fair to you for me to figure it out for you. if you need any books or scales or web sites to help you out let me know. I f you want to know what gear I have just ask.

Have fun

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