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Grade 6-Herp presentation advice/help needed

Hi folks,

I have been asked by my kids grade 6 teacher to put on a mini herp show for the classes (50 Kids) I am requesting some help on this matter the from those of you with experience in this field.
And yes, this will be a first for me.

I figure Iíll bring the following:
- Ball python Adult, sub adult
- BRB,
- Corn or mex king
- Normal leo, Tangerine leo- Can talk about morphs, if I can understand it myself in time
- Ackie
- Albig. or Dumerlli monitor

So, may I here some of your experiences, what you discussed, what I should be prepared for, what precautions I need to take and generally any comments you can share.

Also, if anyone has a brief documents on the basics such as:
Latin Names, Distribution and habitat, General Characteristics including-what they eat in the wild of the above species may I have it? or a link to this type of info?

Thank you for your help
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