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Can only speak for the situation in Alberta, but definately a high risk if you offered any service that could be included as 'practice of veterinary medicine' you would be liable to be charged and in my opinion if you were a registered AHT and were offering those services you would be in breach of your professional obligations and would be subject to losing your license.

To the best of my knowledge you can legally perform any of these practices on your personal animals, but when you presume to offer expertise to others in the absence of credible training and without accountability for the services you are offering, you would be putting yourself in a very difficult legal and ethical situation. I believe this applies whether you charge for the service or not. That is even one of the factors that makes veterinarians reluctant to offer care to species for which they do not feel adequately qualified. One disgrunteled client could end a career and be financially devastating.

I would advise that you check this out thoroughly with the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association and their association of Laboratory Technicians before making any plans,

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