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I play a Aria STG (inexpensive but good quality copy of a strat), with a little peavy rage 158 (not the new model, but the oldest rage). I play mostly punk, so no tips on anything at all I've been playing for about 8 months now, me n my crappy band play turning japanese, dammit, blitzkrieg, and punk rock girl over and over again for hours and hours... lots of fun...

Nice guitar! and if thats the one I think it is, that is one sweet amp...

My friend plays a fender 112 stage SE, and its DAMN loud... but ther's almost no volume control on it, you can turn it halfway between 1 and 0, and you can hardly tell the difference if you crank it up to 8 or 9... very loud for its size, but again, no volume control...

Dan Conner
Check out my friends band... The vendors! Alternative/pop-punk.
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