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Erin, not to dis your new job, but you have some precautions to take to spare yourself & your animals some serious hassles. ** isn't exactly known for the best conditions & more often than not their animals are packing mites etc. When I worked at PL I would literally strip into the washing machine every night & immeadiately shower right after before even considering doing or touching anything in my house herp or otherwise. I would go as far as misting myself with NIX mix or Ivomec before even leaving the store if I had "worked" with any questionable animal(s). Protect yourself & more importantly your animals from "cross-contamination". I would hate to see you take home a gravid female mite & have your collection put at risk. Call me paraniod, but I've seen some nasty **** come from that store. If you work at a store that regularily orders imports or deals with multiple suppliers there are a lot of "nasty" things that they are (or could be) packing. I would never handle anything at any store & then touch my own stuff. Bad Idea. Call me paranoid, but there are no mites at my house & its the main reason why. I NIX every new specimen & quarantine it, whereas the petstores usually do neither. Seriously Mark
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