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gotta read: location. location, location !

We often see in the forum people asking for prices, availabilities, etc...

- How much should I pay for a cornsnake ?
- Where can I get live mice ?

And it's really hard to answer such questions without knowing where you're from.

It lengthens the post for no reason when someone need to say " hey ! where are you from ?...

Worst.. when someone is selling in the classified.. you see an interesting add and you need to write to that person simply to know where they live. It's really a pain.

Please put in your location, it's not like if this is a really personal information like telling us your home adress.

just take a minute to go:
Profile / Edit Profil / location / submit modification

thanks all !


p.s.: those who think this is important, please post a short reply in order to keep this post in the "newest posts" for at least a day
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