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i learned a great speed exercise. put your first finger (that's index, no?) on E4 and play the E string once. Then put the second finger on E5 and play the E string once again.

Repeat this process with the third finger E6, and fourth finger on E7, each time playing the E string once. So now you've played four notes. Do this four times. Each time you play the string, if you're using a pick, alternate between picking up and picking down.

Then, move down to the A string, and repeat the process, but with the A string. Keep doing this for D, G, b, and e. After you play the e cycle four times, go back up and play the b cycle four times. Then the G, then D, then A, then E.

I noticed significant improvement in my speed and ability to finger chords after starting and ending my daily practice sessions with a few runs of this excercise.

I hope this made sense to you the way I described's awesome!
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