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What i learned to get speed up was to learn to finger tap. It sounds strange but its probably the best way that i can think of to get your fret hand moving quickly. I studied and practised ( notice a theme here!) euruption by van halen for months. The speed of the song also taught me some pretty wild chord characters, hammer ons, vibrato and to a certain extent harmonic pinches. Once you learn these tricks the pick slides up and down your hand while your playing and adjusts itself almost as if magically to reach a tone or a desired speed. Power chords..full out...pick all the way as far from your hand as you can. Pinches and any sort of heavy harmonics...bring it in super close as if your trapping the pick with your thumb. Its hard to will just come after some time. The best advice to guitar is this..and trust no master..but with this instrument, i hate to sound like a cliche..but you must walk before you can run! Good luck
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